Who we are



We, the community of New Life, warmly invite you to join with us 

To know, see, and be Jesus –

To be loved and loving through knowing Jesus;

To have joy in seeing him in his world and people.

To be energized and equipped for being Jesus.

​Together we,

create opportunities in which people experience Jesus' love;

enable people to discern him in the world and in their neighbours;

and discover and use spiritual resources for continuing Jesus’ work.​

New Life Core Values

We are a Christ-Centered Community
Biblical, Spirit-filled, Jesus-focused, grace-filled

We are a Compassionate Community
Nurturing, healing, struggling, praying

We are a Relational Community
Friendly, loving, inviting, child-friendly, supportive 

We are a Growth-Promoting Community
Thinking, listening, open-minded, stimulating, challenging 

We are a Passionate Community
Joyful, musical, fun, exciting, vibrant, inspiring 

We are a Justice-Burdened Community
Restorative, forgiving, liberating, gender-sensitive, aware, advocating 

We are an Inclusive Community
Accepting, enfolding, tolerant, inviting, accessible 

We are a Relevant Community
Contemporary, positive, creative, thoughtful, innovative, real