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At New Life, you will find authentic worship, excellent kid and youth programs, engaging teaching and discussion, and a welcoming and accepting community. Through our many ministries and programs, we aim to be a dynamic, committed and community-based church, where everyone is encouraged to use their gifts to grow in their relationship with God and with each other. 

New Life Church has been worshiping in Guelph for over 25 years. We are a Christian Reformed Church and one of 2000 churches in North America in this denomination. If you would like to learn more about the Christian Reformed Church of North America, visit



We, the community of New Life, warmly invite you to join with us 

To know, see, and be Jesus –

To be loved and loving through knowing Jesus;

To have joy in seeing him in his world and people.

To be energized and equipped for being Jesus.


​Together we,

create opportunities in which people experience Jesus' love;

enable people to discern him in the world and in their neighbours;

and discover and use spiritual resources for continuing Jesus’ work.​​



We are a Christ-Centered Community 
Biblical, Spirit-filled, Jesus-focused, grace-filled 

We are a Compassionate Community 
nurturing, healing, struggling, praying 

We are a Relational Community 
friendly, loving, inviting, child-friendly, supportive 

We are a Growth-Promoting Community 
thinking, listening, open-minded, stimulating, challenging 

We are a Passionate Community 
joyful, musical, fun, exciting, vibrant, inspiring 

We are a Justice-Burdened Community 
restorative, forgiving, liberating, gender-sensitive, aware, advocating 

We are an Inclusive Community 
accepting, enfolding, tolerant, inviting, accessible 

We are a Relevant Community 
contemporary, positive, creative, thoughtful, innovative, real

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